paul uden

Paul Uden is a musician & sculptor, Originally from Kent, he has lived in rural West Wales for the past 30 years. He spent the first decade of this century performing with and writing tunes with the world jazz dance band MOJAS, before moving on to indo-jazz quintet JADU with whom he travelled to Samarkand in Uzbekistan to perform at the 2011 Samarkand international music festival. [watch the video here.] He stopped playing regularly in 2013 to take a fine arts degree in sculpture at Carmarthen school of art under Andy Griffiths and Robert Harding. He completed his degree in 2016 and has resumed his music activities and continues carving in the present day.Paul set up the website LOOKINWOOD in 2017 to show his sculpture work and add some of his past and present music projects.

LOOKINWOOD is about the shape of nature and the nature of trees. The pieces Paul makes are all “one off”, made from wood either given to him, or gleaned from the local area. No trees are purposefully cut down for the making of any of the sculptures shown here, the materials come mainly from discarded wood, or broken branches laying on the woodland floor. Most of the wood I leave to nature to take its course. Wood supports a vast variety of wildlife as it returns itself to the earth. I feel it is a great privilege to work with the wood in the way I do, to show the amazing shapes and patterns wood forms as it grows.